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Construction & Remodeling Services


Senterline offers construction and remodeling services for:

~ Fine Homes

~ Additions

~ Kitchens

~ Baths

~ Decks

~ Porches

Why should I consider using Senterline Construction to install my kitchen or bathroom?

~ Senterline stands behind their product and their craftsmanship. We have been installing kitchens and bathrooms for over 20 years
~ Senterline is fully licensed and insured
~ All Senterline employees have passed an extensive background check
~ Senterline is a full service installation company. We have our own electrical, plumbing, flooring and architectural contractors on our team so all your remodeling needs are managed by us.
~ Senterline is on the job from start to finish, you will never worry about deadlines not being met
~ Senterline is committed to providing you with timely, courteous and professional installation and customer service.  Our Project Managers will provide you with continual feedback on your projects progress, and will gladly answer all your questions or address any of your concerns on the spot.
~ Senterline is a three generation family-owned business that has brought 20 years of high quality craftsmanship and customer service to families all over the New England area

What happens after my kitchen or bathroom is measured?

~ Once Senterline has measured your kitchen or bathroom, a scaled drawing based on the measurements collected along with photos will be submitted to a design center of your choice within 24-36 hours
~ Shortly after the drawing is submitted you will be contacted by your designer.  They will set up an appointment and the design process will begin.

What is an Install Quote?

~ Once you and your designer have finished your dream design, they will send the design plan back to Senterline
~ Senterline will then contact you to set up an appointment to revisit your home
~ A Senterline team member will verify the design and evaluate the project so we are able to give you a quote for the labor.  This is the second step in making your dream project a reality.
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